Member Power

When working people stand together, we win better wages and benefits for our families. When we do not stand together, Management divides us and our wages stay flat or go down.  The 14,000 Teamsters at UC and CSU make the Universities work. Without us, the campuses, hospitals and labs cannot operate. That strength only comes by all of us standing together as Teamsters.

In the past couple of years, we won four contracts improving and protecting our wages and benefits with at University of California and Cal State University.  The universities did not give us what we won, because it was fair. Our victories came after months and months of building Member Power and mobilizing thousands across the state.

The fight is far from over.  We must continue to fight and protect our rights, our wages, and our benefits in our contracts, by standing together as active Teamster members.  Join us by signing our member power form and committing to become a member and remain a member of Teamster Local 2010.  When we stand together, we win together.