HW Maintenance – ART. 1: Definitions



SECTION 1. “Employee or Employees” is defined as all employees of the Company at Los Angeles World Airport Facilities (hereinafter referred to as the Airports) subject to the terms and conditions of the parking agreement between ABM Aviation and HW Maintenance, whether employed full-time, part-time or extra, working within the following classifications: Janitors, Drivers, Power Washers set forth in this Agreement, excluding office employees, and supervisory employees with authority to hire, promote, discharge, discipline or otherwise effect changes in the status of the employees or effectively recommend such action.

SECTION 2. Effective as of July 1, 2021.1 all employees hired at the Airport parking facility on or after July 1, 2021, will be considered to be temporary employees during a probationary period, which extends for the first ninety (90) calendar days of their employment with the Company. A probationary employee shall not acquire rights of seniority for reemployment in the event of layoff or discharge. A probationary employee may be terminated at any time during his/her probationary period, at the discretion of the Company and there shall be no recourse to the grievance and arbitration procedure contained in this Agreement or otherwise. When the probationary period has been completed, the employee will receive seniority retroactive to the date of hire.

SECTION 3. Full-Time and Part-Time Employees. Full-time employees are defined as those employees who are regularly scheduled to work forty (40) hours per week. Part-time employees are defined as those employees who are regularly scheduled to work less than forty (40) hours per week.