HW Maintenance – ART. 12: Job Classifications & Wage Rates




SECTION 1.  The job classifications and wage rates for all employees covered by this Agreement shall be set forth in Appendix “A” attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement.

SECTION 2.  Part‑time Employees.

A. Scheduling. Regular scheduled workdays will be designated.

The Company retains the option of changing the designated workdays and/or increasing or decreasing the number of days to be worked by part‑time employees.  Hours of work and/or workdays will be offered on a seniority basis.

B. Seniority. If an employee is transferred from part‑time to full‑time employment, benefit eligibility will, thereafter, be computed from the individuals hire date.  Refusal of a full‑time job will not jeopardize the employee’s seniority on the part‑time seniority roster.  It is not the intent of the Company to use part‑time employees to replace full‑time employees.

C.  Benefits. A part‑time employee will be entitled to pro-rata vacation pay, holiday pay only when a holiday is worked.

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