HW Maintenance – ART. 15: Business Representative & Bulletin Boards



SECTION 1. The Business Representative or an authorized agent of the Union shall be permitted to visit the place of employment of an employee at any time for the purpose of checking employees’ credentials, or to gain information concerning matters involved in this Agreement. However, such Business Representative or authorized agent of the Union shall not interfere with the operations of the Company, and shall notify the management of his/her presence and the purpose of his/her visit immediately upon entering the premises.

SECTION 2. The Company shall provide at no expense to the Union, a bulletin board to be placed next to an entrance where the employees report for work and to place such items on said board relating to the Union affairs that the Union so desires.SECTION 3. The Company agrees to deliver to the Union any and all I

nformation requested regarding wage rates, job classifications, seniority dates, health and welfare coverage, and payments by employees.