HW Maintenance – ART. 22: Management Rights



SECTION 1. The Company has the sole and exclusive right to manage the affairs of the business, to determine the products, services, methods and schedules of operations, the type of equipment and establish rules for the direction of the employees of the Company. Such rights shall include but are not limited to: the right to maintain discipline of employees; to promulgate reasonable rules or regulations; to determine and revise the duties of the various classifications of employees; to promote, demote or transfer employees under the terms of this Agreement; to determine the amount of work needed; and to layoff because of lack of work.

SECTION 2. An employee who is directed to perform a particular duty by the Company is required to obey that direction, instruction, or order. If an employee desires to contest the justness or appropriateness of such direction, instruction or order, the provisions of the grievance procedure in Article 4 hereof shall be followed. In no case shall an employee refuse to perform any duty, not contrary to law. Should an employee refuse to perform any duty, not contrary to law, he/she shall be subject to discipline, suspension and/or discharge by the Company.

SECTION 3. The Union recognizes the right of the Company to automate its production and working methods. Where new occupations or changes in work requirements are created as a result of automation, the Company will make every effort to retain and train present employees for these new occupations or work requirements.