HW Maintenance – ART. 25: Complete Agreement



SECTION 1. The parties hereby acknowledge and affirm that during the negotiations which led to this Agreement, each of them had the unlimited right and opportunity to formulate demands and proposals with respect to all subjects or matters not excluded by law from the collective bargaining area and that all decisions and covenants reached by them through the use of such rights and opportunities appear in this Agreement. Any duty to negotiate concerning any such subjects is hereby waived by the Company and the Union for the term of this Agreement. However, nothing in this clause precludes the parties from making changes in this Agreement by mutual consent upon written request by one party and written acceptance by the other party.

SECTION 2. The waiver by either party of any provision or requirement of this Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of such provision or requirement for the future or in the past and shall not constitute a modification of this Agreement unless such provision or requirement is reduced to writing and signed by the parties to this Agreement. An arbitrator shall have no authority to determine or consider that this provision has been waived.