HW Maintenance – ART. 7: Uniforms



SECTION 1.  The Company agrees to provide employees with a complete set of uniforms and maintain said uniforms for the duration of this Agreement.  A complete set of uniforms shall consist of:















5 Pants 2 Pants
1 Safety Vest 1 Winter Jacket
1 Rain Suit 1 Safety Vest
1 Winter Jacket    


SECTION 2.  The Company shall furnish additional uniforms required by the Company.


SECTION 3.  Employee uniforms shall be paid for and shall belong to the Company.


SECTION 4.  The Company may charge a uniform deposit not to exceed $50 maximum, to be deducted from the employee’s first two paychecks following employment.  Said uniform deposit shall be returned to the employee in full upon termination, provided the employee has returned all uniforms.


SECTION 5.  The Company has the authority to require employees to wear uniforms as prescribed by the Company, which must be worn in a neat and proper manner acceptable to the Company.  An employee who does not report to work fully and properly dressed in his/her uniform may not be permitted to work.  Repeated failure to wear uniforms, including the wearing of uniforms in a manner unacceptable to the Company, shall be deemed unsatisfactory performance and shall subject the employee to progressive disciplinary action.


SECTION 6.  The Company may require employees to pay the Los Angeles World Airports’ rate for the replacement of a lost, missing or damaged badge, except when replacement is due to normal wear and tear.


SECTION 7.  The Company shall designate the color and style of pants and/or skirts to be worn by employees.