HW Maintenance – ART. 8: Discipline and Discharge



SECTION 1. Employees shall be subject to discipline or discharge by the Company for just cause.

SECTION 2. Without limiting the foregoing paragraph, the parties agree that the Company may discharge employees for actions such as but not limited to: dishonesty; theft; gross negligence, continued poor performance, job abandonment, insubordination; use, possession or being under the influence of drugs, or alcohol; refusal to submit to a drug or alcohol test; fighting or harassment of employees or customers; willful damage and/or vandalism to company property; without the necessity for a prior oral or written warning to the employee(s) involved.

SECTION 3. Disciplinary Notices: A copy of all disciplinary notices shall be given to the employee at the time of the discipline. All disciplinary notices that have been in the employees file for twelve (12) months without any subsequent disciplinary notice(s) shall be removed from the employee’s file.