CX Unit – ART. 41: Uniforms



1. Definition

Uniforms are specific, distinctive, conforming articles of attire required by the University for particular groups of employees in the performance of assigned job duties.

2. Uniform Requirements

The University shall have the sole discretion to determine if a uniform shall be worn, who shall wear a uniform and the conditions under which it must be worn. Employees shall wear the uniform and maintain a proper appearance as specified by the University.

3. Purchasing, Reimbursement, and Replacement Allowance

a. Where uniform programs exist, the University shall have the sole discretion to maintain such programs.

b. Where the University currently provides either uniforms, reimbursement for uniforms, or replacement allowance and, for as long as the University continues its requirement that the uniform be worn, it will provide either the uniform, or the reimbursement for the uniform, or the replacement allowance, at the current rate.

c. When a new uniform requirement is implemented by the University, the University shall either provide the uniform or provide a uniform allowance where the employee is required to purchase the uniform him/herself.

d. At least thirty (30) days prior to implementing a new uniform requirement, the University shall notify the local Teamsters Local 2010 office in writing with respect to the details of the requirement it seeks to implement. Upon written request from Teamsters Local 2010, the University shall assemble a committee within the department seeking to implement the uniform requirement. The purpose of the committee shall be to advise the University with respect to elements of the requirement such as the number of articles to be provided, laundering and replacement. Following written notice from the University, Teamsters Local 2010 shall select a CX employee from the department to serve on the committee, although service shall be voluntary. In addition, the committee shall include a campus CX representative selected by Teamsters Local 2010.

4. Laundering

Where laundering of uniforms is currently provided by the University, such laundering shall continue while the requirement for uniforms continues.

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