CX Unit – ART. 43: University Policies


A. University policies identified below are applicable to members of this unit. When the University proposes and implements changes to these policies, the employees of this unit will be covered on the same date and to the same extent.

1. Electronic Communications Policy. As revised August 18, 2005.

2. Policy for Reporting Improper Governmental Activities and Protection Against Retaliation for Reporting Improper Activities. As issued January 1, 2012.

3. PPSM Staff Personnel Records Policy 80# III.B.2 (re: access to records by the public.) As issued July 28, 2015.

B. Violence in the Work Place Policies at each location as of the date of the Tentative Agreement between the parties shall remain and continue. The University of California prohibits and has zero tolerance for violence at any UC workplace. Any proposed change to terms and conditions of employment related to Violence in the Workplace Policies shall be noticed to Teamsters Local 2010 and, upon written request, the University will meet and confer with Teamsters Local 2010 about any changes in terms and conditions of employment that will apply to members of this unit.