CX Unit – ART. 46: Waiver


The parties acknowledge that during the negotiations which resulted in this Agreement, each had the unlimited right and opportunity to make demands and proposals with respect to any subject or matter not removed by law from the area of collective bargaining, and the understandings and agreements arrived at by the parties after the exercise of the right and opportunity are set forth in this Agreement. The rights and procedures granted and set forth under Staff Personnel Policy will no longer apply to employees covered by this Agreement. The University and Teamsters Local 2010, for the life of this Agreement, each voluntarily and unqualifiedly waives the right, and each agrees that the other shall not be obligated to bargain collectively with respect to any subject or matter referred to, or covered in this Agreement, or with respect to any subject or matter not specifically referred to or covered by this Agreement, even though such subject or matter may not have been within the knowledge or contemplation of either or both of the parties at the time they negotiated or signed this Agreement.