CX Unit Contract Negotiations

Back Row: Stephanie Watts-Parrish, Alex Vermie, Dianna Sahhar, Deborah Reed, Deateria Dickenson, Kirsten Willer, Jamal Colter, Jason Rabinowitz. Front Row: Jenny Hodge, Krystal Cortez, Marissa Johnston, Valerie Lerma, Paulette Carney, Melissa Munio, Catherine Cobb

Preparations have begun for negotiating the next Teamsters CX-Unit contract with the University of California. Bargaining with the UC begins in October 2021, and we need all non-members to join and stand with the vast majority of UC administrative and clerical coworkers to send the message that we are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the best contract for all of us. 

Remember, our Union is only as strong as its members. Members have a voice in negotiations such as the ability to submit a bargaining survey, may run for a seat on the Bargaining Team, and have the privilege to vote on anything from authorizing a strike and ratifying a new contract. 

Completing your membership process online is easy! Fill out the brief form linked here to get started.

We are in this together — let’s show the UC that we will do what it takes to fight for fair raises, benefits, and working conditions!

CX Bargaining Team members:

Deborah Ann Reed, LBNL

Kirsten Willer, UCB / UCOP

Jenny Hodge, UCD / ANR

Dianna Sahhar, UCI

Stephanie Watts-Parrish, UCLA

Valerie Thompson, UCR / UCPath

Krystal Cortez, UCM

Marissa Johnston, UCSD

Jamal Colter, UCSF

Deateria Dickinson, UCSB

Paulette Carney, UCSC

Teamsters CX Bargaining Team Delivers Contract Proposals to UC!

Teamsters 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz and President Catherine Cobb give security guard Eric Cooper our CX Bargaining Team’s demand to open negotiations on a successor contract. Our Teamsters Local 2010 Clerical and Allied Services Workers (CX Unit) Bargaining Team personally delivered our initial contract proposals to the Office of the

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Meet the Teamsters CX Bargaining Team!

Congratulations to the dedicated Teamsters who will represent us on the CX Unit Bargaining Team! These Bargaining Team members, elected from each CX worksite, will sit across from UC administration to negotiate our wages, benefits, and working conditions as we begin bargaining on our next CX contract. Deborah Ann Reed,

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CX Bargaining Team Candidate Statements

UC Berkeley Kirsten Bottles Willer I am excited to run to represent you on the bargaining committee! I am a Blank Assistant III (Program Coordinator) at the UC Berkeley Labor Center. I have worked at the university for two and a half years and I live in beautiful Oakland, CA.

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Elections for the CX Bargaining Team Begin July 12

The nominations period has now closed for the Teamsters CX Unit Bargaining Team! Thank you to all who nominated a fellow member to serve on the Bargaining Team, who will be critical to the collective bargaining process with the UC. The election to decide our Bargaining Team will be held

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CX Bargaining Team Nominations Open on June 7

As part of the collective bargaining process with the University of California, Teamsters Local 2010 will begin accepting nominations for the Teamsters CX Unit Bargaining Team on June 7. In order to equitably represent members across the State, one Bargaining Team member will be elected for each location below:  

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