CX Unit Union Updates

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Back Row: Stephanie Watts-Parrish, Alex Vermie, Dianna Sahhar, Deborah Reed, Deateria Dickenson, Kirsten Willer, Jamal Colter, Jason Rabinowitz. Front Row: Jenny Hodge, Krystal Cortez, Marissa Johnston, Valerie Lerma, Paulette Carney, Melissa Munio, Catherine Cobb

After almost a year of bargaining, member actions, and worker organizing, CX Teamsters ratified our strongest-ever Union contract!

Approximately 5,000 UC Teamsters voted on our contract and 98.3% said YES! This overwhelming majority is a testament to the strength of our new contract, which guarantees across-the-board raises, annual step increases that are NOT based on merit/performance, ratification AND longevity lump sums, new language on bilingual pay at medical centers, major gains on overtime and more!

Per the agreement, UC is required to implement negotiated pay increases within 60 days of ratification. We will keep you posted on the pay dates for lump sum and retroactive increases once confirmed by the UC.

Jason Rabinowitz, Chief Negotiator

Melissa Munio, First Chair

Catherine Cobb, President of Teamsters 2010

Alex Vermie, Research Analyst

Deborah Ann Reed, LBNL

Kirsten Willer, UCB / UCOP

Jenny Hodge, UCD / ANR

Dianna Sahhar, UCI

Stephanie Watts-Parrish, UCLA

Krystal Cortez, UCM

Marissa Johnston, UCSD

Jamal Colter, UCSF

Deateria Dickinson, UCSB

UCLA Campus: Meet our New CX Union Representative!

We’re excited to welcome our new Teamsters Local 2010 Union Representative for CX workers at UCLA Campus: Laurence Young! Larry is a long-time member of Teamsters 2010 and is looking forward to representing UCLA members on all workplace issues. Larry will represent CX workers at UC Santa Barbara and UCLA Campus.

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Open Enrollment Information for CX and KM Teamsters

The University will increase healthcare premiums Jan. 1, 2024, for the Blue and Gold, Health Net and Kaiser medical plans available to UC employees. However, our Teamsters contract for members of the CX Unit and UC Merced KM Skilled Trades bargaining units do not allow an increase of more than

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Sign the Petition! 📝 Support our Teamsters Bargaining Team!

Let the UC know that Union negotiations must be taken seriously by supporting the Bargaining Team for workers recently added to our CX Bargaining Unit by the Public Employment Relations Board! Our team is hard at work negotiating for improved initial salary step placement, leave accrual conversions, shift differential pay,

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Negotiated Raises Coming for CX Teamsters!

Our annual across-the-board raise, guaranteed by our Teamsters contract, takes effect on July 1! This raise will be reflected in the paycheck dated July 19 for biweekly workers and August 1 for monthly workers. All CX workers will receive a 4.6% across the board raise, and all non-probationary career workers

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Teamsters win bigger raises for CX Members in July!

‘Me Too’ Contract Language Triggers Increased Raises Subject to Budget Approval by the Governor Teamsters Local 2010 CX members have won an increased raise in July—4.6% across the board plus a step increase worth an average of 2% for eligible workers for a total increase of 6.6% on average—through the

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Sign the petition! Stop UC from shortchanging Teamsters!

It’s been just a few months since our new CX contract was overwhelmingly ratified by UC Teamsters, and the UC is already trying to shortchange workers and deny us the pay we’ve won! Our CX Bargaining Team successfully negotiated an increase in shift differential rates for existing CX Teamsters, raising

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Teamsters ratify powerful new CX contract!

After almost a year of bargaining, member actions, and worker organizing, CX Teamsters have ratified our strongest-ever Union contract! Approximately 5,000 UC Teamsters voted over the past three weeks and 98.3% said YES! This overwhelming majority is a testament to the strength of our new contract, which guarantees across-the-board raises, annual step increases that are NOT based

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Voting Begins Friday to Ratify Powerful CX Unit Teamsters TA

After nearly a year of bargaining and members taking action across the state, our elected Bargaining Team secured a tentative agreement (TA) with the University on our CX unit successor contract that’s the strongest contract in our history. The TA includes guaranteed across-the-board (ATB) raises, annual step increases that are

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Teamsters win strongest-ever CX Tentative Agreement!

Because we stood together as Teamsters and showed our solidarity through worksite actions statewide, our CX Unit Bargaining Team was able to move the University of California to our strongest tentative agreement ever! It took nearly a year of negotiations and 47 formal bargaining sessions, but we did it and

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Bargaining Update: Take Action Now for a Fair Contract!

Our Bargaining Team met with the University team in Oakland on Sept. 14 and 15. We presented UC with our response to their wage proposal. We are maintaining in our proposal annual across-the-board wage increases and step increases, as well as increases in shift differential for both campus and medical

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Union Action Wins Progress in CX Bargaining!

Our Union Action is Working: UC Finally Proposes Raises and Steps! CX Team Rejects Further Extension and Delays! Our united actions across the state are working: After months of delay, UC finally came to the CX bargaining table this week with its initial economic offer. For the first time, UC

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CX Unit Bargaining Update – Where’s that Wage Proposal?

Still No Wage Proposal from UC The CX Bargaining Team continues to meet with the University to negotiate a successor agreement for the CX Unit, with the current agreement extended by mutual agreement through August 31, 2022. The University still owes us responses on many Articles, including wages. The Bargaining

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CX Unit Bargaining Update – We’re Speaking Out!

Our CX Bargaining Team continues to meet with the University to negotiate a successor agreement for the CX Unit, which has been extended by mutual agreement through June 2022. There are still many articles for which the University owes us responses, and we gave our wages proposal last week at

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Teamsters rallied for REAL appreciation on Admin Professionals Day!

Teamsters celebrate Admin Professionals Day with WORKER POWER! We’ve had enough of flowers and cards! This year, CX Teamsters demanded what we’re really due on Administrative Professionals Day: fair pay and a good contract! We rallied at campuses, health centers, and clinics statewide to make it clear that we’re tired of the

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We’re speaking out! 🗣 Fair Pay for Bilingual Services!

Show us the money, then we’ll talk! Every day, a small but committed group of UC Teamsters use their bilingual skills on the job, assisting students, patients, and others in the UC community. When our Bargaining Team proposed nominal pay for these workers, the UC flatly refused. Today, May 3, we’re

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Rally for Admin Professionals Day THIS WEEK!

Join the Admin Professionals Day rally on your campus! April 27 is Administrative Professionals Day, and it’s time for the UC to show Admin Professionals some real appreciation! Celebrate with our Union by rallying for FAIR RAISES and a GOOD CONTRACT! To show our appreciation of all you do, Clerical and Administrative Services

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CX Bargaining Update – Feb. 2 and 3, 2022

CX Bargaining Team Update—Fighting for Our Rights! Our CX Bargaining Team just completed two productive days of bargaining with the UC in Oakland on Feb. 2 and Feb. 3 and successfully passed a whopping 12 articles! We have an exciting win—the UC agreed that members will be able to remove performance

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CX Bargaining Update – November and December 2021

CX Teamster Bargaining Team Pushing for Fair Contract! Our Teamsters CX Bargaining Team has been hard at work negotiating our upcoming contract with UC management. On Nov. 30 and Dec. 17, our team met with UC in Oakland to exchange proposals and hammer out more details of the contract. Support

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Teamsters Show Support During First Day of CX Bargaining!

Teamsters Show Support During First Day of CX Bargaining! Our Teamsters CX Bargaining Team met with UC management for negotiations on our next Union contract Nov. 5 at our Oakland office. Our team detailed in a presentation how the UC is in a strong financial position going forward and is

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Teamsters CX Bargaining Team Delivers Contract Proposals to UC!

Teamsters 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz and President Catherine Cobb give security guard Eric Cooper our CX Bargaining Team’s demand to open negotiations on a successor contract. Our Teamsters Local 2010 Clerical and Allied Services Workers (CX Unit) Bargaining Team personally delivered our initial contract proposals to the Office of the

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Meet the Teamsters CX Bargaining Team!

Congratulations to the dedicated Teamsters who will represent us on the CX Unit Bargaining Team! These Bargaining Team members, elected from each CX worksite, will sit across from UC administration to negotiate our wages, benefits, and working conditions as we begin bargaining on our next CX contract. Deborah Ann Reed,

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CX Bargaining Team Candidate Statements

UC Berkeley Kirsten Bottles Willer I am excited to run to represent you on the bargaining committee! I am a Blank Assistant III (Program Coordinator) at the UC Berkeley Labor Center. I have worked at the university for two and a half years and I live in beautiful Oakland, CA.

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Elections for the CX Bargaining Team Begin July 12

The nominations period has now closed for the Teamsters CX Unit Bargaining Team! Thank you to all who nominated a fellow member to serve on the Bargaining Team, who will be critical to the collective bargaining process with the UC. The election to decide our Bargaining Team will be held

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CX Bargaining Team Nominations Open on June 7

As part of the collective bargaining process with the University of California, Teamsters Local 2010 will begin accepting nominations for the Teamsters CX Unit Bargaining Team on June 7. In order to equitably represent members across the State, one Bargaining Team member will be elected for each location below:  

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