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Flu Shot Update: Teamsters Take Legal Action to Protect Workers’ Rights

This week, Teamsters Local 2010 filed two legal actions to prevent the University of California from unilaterally implementing a vaccination policy that would violate workers’ rights. Meanwhile, in another legal case filed in Alameda Superior Court, the Judge has ordered UC not to take any adverse action against employees for declining a flu vaccination,

Welcome Administrative Officer 2 Workers to the CX Unit!

Teamsters Local 2010 and Administrative Professionals at UC won a big victory, as more than 1,000 Administrative Officer 2s won the right to Union representation with the Teamsters. Our Local 2010 staff and organizers have been working hard to show the State Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) how the UC consistently misclassifies our Bargaining Unit work through Career Tracks job titles.

New and Updated UC COVID-Related Leave Policies Benefit Teamsters Members

The UC Office of the President quietly updated multiple documents relating to COVID-19 leaves without informing employees or reflecting updated dates on their website. Teamsters 2010 continuously demanded changes to UC policies that severely restricted our members’ ability to care for loved ones during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

We Call the Shots!

UC Teamsters Demand Personal Flu Vaccine Exemption NOW! Teamsters met with the University to negotiate over Janet Napolitano’s Executive Order requiring all employees to get