K4 Unit – APP. E: Bulletin Boards

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Appendix E – Bulletin Boards

Facilities Management Shop/Bldg.

Second Floor Break Room (FM Building)

Carpenter Shop (CS) (CSB1)

South Zone Engineers (A3-129 CHS Watch Room)

Electrical Shop (FM Building)

Elevator Shop (FM Building)

Floor/Night Crew (FM Building, Bay 1)

Grounds (FM Building @ Irrigation Swipe In)

Hardware Shop (Secure Area)

Hospital Crew Shop (FM Building)

North Zone Engineers (Royce Hall, Basement)

Paint Shop Break Area (CSB 1)

Plumbing Shop (FM Building)

Sheet-metal Shop (CSB 1)

DDC Shop (Young Hall, B Level)

Tool Crib

West Med Plant



Kerckhoff Hall, Room 144B


Housing & Hospitality Services

Vending Services (Vending Office near Hedrick Hall)

OCH Maintenance (350 DeNeve Dr)

UA North (Maintenance Shop, 925 Weyburn)

UA South (Maintenance Shop, 3327 Sepulveda Boulevard)

Lake Arrowhead (Maintenance Shop)

Luskin Conference Center (Staff Break Room)


Healthcare Enterprise

200 Medical Plaza

Tiverton House

CHS, BH 414

SMH, Bulletin Boards, 1st and 9th Floors

SMH, Central Plant Building

SMH, Pavilion Office, Room B 126

SMH, Engineering Office Bulletin Board