K4 Unit – APP. F: Alternate/Service Engineer Selection Procedure


A. Alternate Service Engineer Selection Procedure

1. Notice of the Alternate Service Engineer exam will be posted on departmental bulletin boards for a minimum of one month prior to the deadline for applying to sit for the exam. The notice will state the date(s) and location of the written examination.

2. To qualify to sit for the exam the applicant must be regular career status University employee who has held the title of Lead or Stationary Operating Engineer (title codes 8235 or 8239) for a minimum of six months preceding the date of the examination.

3. Applications will be received by HR & Payroll Center Administration South which will initially screen the applications, ensuring that prospective applicants meet the criteria listed in Section A.2.

4. The validated written examination will be administered, and scored by HR & Payroll Center Administration South. In order for an applicant to receive an oral interview, he/she must have a passing score on the examination of 75% on each section of the test.

5. Applicants passing the exam will be pooled by department and ranked. The top ten (10) applicants in each departmental pool will be contacted by the respective hiring department to arrange an oral interview. Written test scores are discounted and all candidates will have equal status during the interview process.

6. Test scores, interview ratings, personnel evaluations, and personnel files of the applicants will be reviewed by the interview panel. The top rated applicants based on these selection criteria will be offered the appointment of Alternate Service Engineer.

7. Names of applicants not selected but who qualified for an oral interview will be retained until the next written examination is given. Such individuals will be considered for any Alternate Service Engineer appointment which occurs prior to the next written examination.

8. In order to retain status as an Alternate Service Engineer, the incumbent must maintain a satisfactory evaluation in the alternate capacity. Failure to do so will result in the incumbent being returned to his/her prior career appointment and removal from the Service Engineer applicant pool as outlines in Section B.1.

9. Incumbents in the Alternate Service Engineer positions must reapply and successfully compete for such positions every two years from the date they initially passed the written examination.

10. Internal applicants will be notified of results in writing and may discuss the reasons for non-selection with the respective hiring department. 115

B. Service Engineer Appointments

1. All Alternate Service Engineers in the departmental pool are considered for open, vacant Service Engineer positions within his/her department. Alternate Service Engineers may request not to be considered for open, vacant positions.

2. The University may seek applicants from sources other than the Alternate Service Engineer departmental pool when Service Engineer positions are open and require special skills, such as extensive knowledge of chemistry, electronics, building management systems or sterilization techniques. This does not preclude existing Alternates from competing for these positions.

3. The interview panel will conduct and rate oral interviews of all applicants, review applicants’ personnel files, and review applicants’ performance evaluations.

4. In the case of two candidates who are substantially equally qualified, the criteria for selection shall be in accordance with seniority in classification.

5. Internal applicants will be notified of results in writing and may discuss the reasons for non-selection with the respective hiring department.

C. Within 180 days of ratification, the University and Teamsters Local 2010 will convene to meet and confer regarding updates and changes to this Appendix.