K4 Unit – ART. 31: Safety Lockout Programs


A. Each appropriate employee shall be supplied with two unique locks and its key, and a multiple locking device. The key shall not be duplicated; however, each Superintendent shall have a master key to the locks used in his/her Shop. The lock will be marked to identify the employee to which it is issued.

B. Each appropriate employee shall also be supplied with tags to use only when the equipment or disconnect device cannot be locked out. 80

C. Whenever the disconnect site is not immediately visible at all times to the employee working on the equipment or utility, the employee shall lock the appropriate disconnect switch or circuit breakers. The employee may tag-out the same devices only if the device cannot be locked out. If more than one employee is working on the same equipment or utility, each employee shall lock out or tag out.

D. Potential hazards, such as a machine’s operating parts and certain mechanical equipment, can slip accidentally. Employees need to prevent this by making any movement impossible by blocking gears, dies, or other mechanisms; by releasing coiled springs, spring-loaded devices, and securing cams; by putting blocks under raised dies or any equipment that might descend, slide or fall; by using blocks or special stands to prevent failure or slippage of the hoist or elevating device under raised vehicles.

E.Locks or tags must be promptly removed when repair or maintenance jobs are completed. If more than one employee has locked or tagged out, each must remove his/her own lock or tag.

F.This article shall be duplicated and given to each employee and the employee shall sign, date, and return the article acknowledging that it has been read and the employee understands its contents.