K4 Unit – ART. 33: Parking


A. General Provisions

1.The University shall provide parking to the same extent and under the same conditions as normally provided for other unrepresented University nonmanagement staff employees, except that parking permits issued to bargaining unit employees working the graveyard shift (i.e., Night Permit) will be effective in the assigned parking area at the rate of $40.00. The Night Permit rate for bargaining unit employees working the graveyard shift will increase by $3.00 whenever the Night Permit rate is increased for non-bargaining unit employees.

2.Bargaining unit employees are encouraged to use the alternative forms of transportation offered by the UCLA campus as well as public transportation.

B. Parking and Transportation Rates for Each Fiscal Year

1.The University shall limit the parking increases for each contract year by the amounts indicated in Appendix K (UCLA Parking Rates) using the prior year as the benchmark for determining rates for the following year. The University will give Teamsters Local 2010 notice of any proposed parking fee increases 83 which exceed the rates indicated in Appendix K (UCLA Parking Rates) and, upon request, will meet and confer with Teamsters Local 2010 regarding said increases. The University will duly consider any proposals Teamsters Local 2010 may choose to make concerning parking fee increases.