K6 Unit – ART. 24: Joint Health and Safety Committee


A. Purpose

The University and the Union agree to maintain a joint Management/Labor Safety Committee. The purpose of the Safety Committee is to advise UC Management about safety matters, including implementation of safety regulations and safety training, in the work environment.

B. Composition

The committee shall be comprised of up to four (4) bargaining unit employees designated by Teamsters Local 2010 and two (2) non-employee Teamsters Local 2010 staff representatives. There shall be no more than two (2) employees from the Health System, one (1) each from Thornton and Hillcrest, one (1) employee from Facilities Management and one (1) employee from Housing. The University may designate up to four (4) representatives to be on the safety committee. Additional bargaining unit employees and management representatives may be in attendance at a safety committee meeting upon mutual agreement of the parties.

C. Procedures

The Committee shall meet at least four (4) times per year. The parties may schedule additional meetings upon mutual agreement. An employee may submit safety matters to the Committee for review and recommendation. The procedures by which the Safety Committee operates shall be determined by mutual agreement of the parties. The parties agree to continue the joint Management/Labor Safety Committee for the term of this Agreement.