K6 Unit – ART. 32: Union Stewards


A. Designation of Stewards

The Union shall be entitled to designate an employee to act as a Chief Union Steward and a Co-Chief Steward and other employees to act as Union stewards.

The Union shall provide the designated University official with the name of the employee selected as Chief Union Steward, the name of the employee selected as Co-Chief Steward, and the names of employees selected as stewards.

There shall be no more than eight (8) stewards at UCSD, including the following: the Chief Union Steward, the Co-Chief Steward and alternate stewards, provided however, that there shall be no more than one (1) steward per zone or shop.

B. Conducting Union Business

Union business/activities shall not be conducted on an employee’s scheduled work time except as specifically provided for in other section(s) of this Agreement; nor shall such business/activities interfere with University programs and operations.

C. Release Time

The Union agrees that stewards shall request in writing from their supervisor the use of release time when engaged in the investigation of employee complaints prior to their formal grievance filing and/or investigation of health and safety matters. It is understood that the Union will work with the University to ensure that Union stewards use release time in a responsible manner so as not to interrupt the daily operations of the University. It is also understood that University management will not unreasonably or arbitrarily deny the use of release time under this Agreement.