K6 Unit – ART. 34: Union Access and Rights


A. Access

In accordance with applicable provisions of the law, non-employee and employee representatives of the Union shall be permitted access to work locations in which employees covered by this Agreement are employed.

1. Such access shall not interfere with the work of the employees.

2. Management may deny access.

3. Access to employees shall not be arbitrarily denied.

B. Use of University Facilities

University facilities may be used by the Union, with prior approval of the designated University official, for the purpose of holding meetings, to the extent that such facilities can be made available without interfering with normal University operations.

When required, the Union shall reimburse the University for user fees or expenses, such as security, maintenance, and clean-up costs, incurred as a result of the Union’s use of such facilities.

C. Bulletin Boards

1. Location

The University will furnish Union bulletin board space at locations agreeable to the parties.

2. Posting

The Union agrees to post appropriate materials related to the bargaining unit. Materials may be posted only by representatives of the Union.

3. Appropriate Materials

The Union agrees that nothing libelous, obscene, or defamatory, shall be posted.

4. Disputes

In the event a dispute arises concerning appropriateness of the material posted, the University shall notify the Chief Union Steward as to the nature of the dispute and that the material is being removed.

D. Mail Service

Individually addressed mail on which U.S. postage has been paid which is received by the University bearing an employee name and accurate address will be distributed to the employee in the normal manner and in accordance with University procedures and policies with regard to the U.S. mail.

E. Email Use

Designated Union stewards may use their University email account for the purpose of conducting Union business in conformance with applicable University policy regarding electronic mail/electronic communications.

F. Employee List/Information

The University will make accessible to the Union, via the File Transfer Program, the name, classification, campus department, hire date, appointment status and monthly salary of all employees in the unit.

Home addresses shall be made available to the Union provided that the employee has authorized, in writing, release of his/her home address.

G. Union Orientation Packets

1. The University shall notify Teamsters Local 2010 in advance of scheduled new employee orientations upon the request of Teamsters Local 2010.

2. Packets of information supplied by Teamsters Local 2010 shall be provided to new skilled trades employees at the University’s new employee orientations.

3. The University will provide Teamsters Local 2010 an opportunity to meet with new Skilled Trades bargaining Unit employees for 30 minutes immediately following/adjacent to new employee orientations conducted by general Campus or general Health.

4. The University and Teamsters 2010 agree to meet and discuss over arrangements to accomplish the goals of this section.

H. Paid Release Time (PRT)

Bargaining unit employees shall be granted paid release time, in accordance with the other applicable provisions of this Agreement, to attend a meeting convened by the University pertaining to matters related to this collective bargaining Agreement.

Paid release time shall not include pay for any hours which exceed the employee’s regularly scheduled hours of work, unless attendance at the meeting is required by the University.

Paid release time shall be tracked by the University in the same manner that other absences from work are tracked for purposes of timekeeping.

The Union shall provide the designated University official with a request for paid release time at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the time that the employee wants to be released from work.

An employee shall not be paid if she/he leaves work before being informed by the designated University official that the request for paid release time has been granted.

The University shall not unreasonably or arbitrarily deny a request for paid release time.

I. Leave of Absence for Union Activities – Union Business Leave (UBL)

Bargaining unit employees may be granted a leave of absence (UBL) to participate in Union-related activities.

During the leave of absence, the employee shall be paid by the University and shall continue to accrue service credit, and shall retain all benefits to which the employee was entitled prior to the start of the leave, and employee benefit contributions will continue to be deducted. During the leave, the employee shall be eligible for wage increases in accordance with this Agreement. Any leave granted in accordance with this section shall not constitute a break in service. During the leave of absence, the employee shall not be eligible for Workers Compensation benefits arising out of an injury occurring during the leave from the University. During the leave of absence, the employee shall be covered by the Union’s Workers Compensation plan.

During the leave of absence, the Union shall reimburse the University for all costs of employee compensation, including but not limited to, salary plus all benefits paid to the employee. The Union shall submit payment to the University within thirty (30) days of receipt of confirmation of payment to the employee. The University has the right to terminate the leave if the Union fails to submit timely payment.

A leave of absence for an employee shall be for at least one (1) day and shall not, in the aggregate, exceed three (3) years. The leave of absence request shall be submitted at least seven (7) calendar days in advance. The leave of absence shall be tracked by the University in the same manner that other absences from work are tracked for purposes of timekeeping.

The University shall not unreasonably or arbitrarily deny a request for a leave of absence to participate in Union-related activities.