K6 Unit – ART. 43: Wages and Pay Differentials


The University of California, San Diego agrees to increase the wages of the employees in the UCSD Skilled Crafts Unit as follows:

A. Employees shall receive the following wage increases:

Within sixty (60) calendar days of the University being notified of Union ratification,

6% wage increase ATB

Effective July, 2017 – 3% wage increase ATB

Effective July, 2018 – 3% wage increase ATB

Effective July, 2019 – 3% wage increase ATB

Effective July, 2020 – 3% wage increase ATB

Effective July, 2021 – 3% wage increase ATB

After ratification, salary increases shall be effective on the first full biweekly payroll period nearest the first day of the month in which the increase occurs.

Eligible employees must be in the bargaining unit on the effective date and the date of payout and/or on an approved leave of absence.

Eligible employees as described above shall receive the following one-time, non-base building payments within sixty (60) calendar days of the University being notified of the Union ratification:

– Lump Sum – $2060

All appropriate taxes and UCRP contributions shall be deducted from the lump sum payment and ratification bonus.

B. Lead Pay Differential

1. The University will maintain an approximate 7.5% differential between the lead and journey level classifications.

2. Health System employees permanently assigned to lead more than one craft shall receive an additional 4.0% differential between the Lead and journey level classifications (a total of 11.5%).

3. No Lead shall be assigned to lead more than fifteen (15) employees as part of his/her regular Lead assignment.

C. Job Overlap

Designation by craft titles, as used in this Article, shall be for identification purposes only, and as such will not serve to establish jurisdictional work boundaries. Current practices of job overlap between the crafts shall be continued, and craft job descriptions, job assignments, and overall job responsibilities will not be affected by these designations.

D. Apprentice Wage Structure

The University will pay apprentice craft employees the following percentage of their respective craft wage rates:

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E. Specialty Assignments

1. The following are designated as specialists:

a. Controls Specialist

b. Chiller Mechanic

c. HVAC Mechanic

2. The University shall have the sole discretion to determine who shall be designated as specialists.

3. An employee assigned as a specialist shall be compensated in an amount equal to five (5) % of his/her base pay, during the period of time that he or she is designated by the University as a specialist.

4. An employee shall be designated and compensated for no more than one specialty at a time.

5. This provision shall be implemented upon the effective date of the Agreement.

F. Healthcare Certification Differential

1. Full-time and part-time career employees working in the UCSD Health System Facilities Engineering and Construction Department will receive certification differential pay when:

a. The employee obtains Mechanic Education and Certification for Health Care (MECH) at the senior level or equivalent as determined by management; and

b. the employee maintains current certification.

2. Qualifying full-time career employees will receive seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per month and qualifying part-time employees will receive a prorated amount on the basis of their appointment rate.

3. This provision shall be implemented upon the effective date of the Agreement.

G. Special Awards

The University retains the right to determine the basis for special awards, including but not limited to payments for meritorious performance, recognition, incentive and bonus payments, and to exercise sole discretion as to the granting, timing, amount, distribution and frequency of such awards and payments.

The University retains the right to provide or discontinue the provision of award programs or other payments to employees in this bargaining unit during the term of this Agreement or during the period of time following the expiration of the Agreement.

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