K8-Unit – ART. 17: Classifications

ARTICLE 17. Classifications

A. General.

Bargaining unit employees’ level and scope of assigned duties shall be documented in their job descriptions which shall be established and classified by the University. The University and the Union agree that employees should be assigned work consistent with the employee’s job description.

B. Series Concepts and Classifications.

The positions in the bargaining unit are defined in Article 1, Recognition. Series Concepts are written job standards and specifications for positions in the bargaining unit. A classification for a specific position is determined by the University based on the majority of duties and responsibilities in a given position. The University agrees to provide Teamsters Local 2010 with notice of any revisions to the Series Concepts for bargaining unit positions.

An employee who performs lead work as outlined in the series concepts shall be classified appropriately in a lead title. A skilled trades worker who performs lead duties on a temporary basis shall be paid a stipend pursuant to Article 10, Promotion & Temporary Assignment.

C. Classification Review.

During the term of this Agreement, the Union may submit requests for a classification review to the Manager of Compensation, in Human Resources. Compensation will review and respond to the Union’s request within 90 (ninety) days after receiving the submission, unless the Union and the University mutually agree to an extension.

D. Disputes arising from this Article are not subject to the Grievance or Arbitration procedures but may only be reviewed through Article 22, Complaint Procedure.