K8-Unit – ART. 22: Complaint Procedure

ARTICLE 22. Complaint Procedure

A. Definition

A complaint is a dispute of one or more employees involv ing the interpretation or application of a written rule or policy not set forth in this Agreement, or a dispute involving an issue which is otherwise excluded from the Grievance and Arbitration procedures of this Agreement.

B. Procedure

1. The employee shall request a meeting with the department head or designee to discuss his/her concerns for possible resolution. If the complaint is not resolved in the informal meeting, the employee may request a meeting, in writing or by email, with th e Human Resources Director or designee within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of the informal meeting.

2. If the employee requests a meeting, the Human Resources Director or designee and the complainant shall meet to discuss the employee’s complaint. The complainant may be represented by the Union’s (non UC employee) business representative and/or Steward of the Union. The complainant may present support for his/her contentions through other employees.

C. Limitations

Disputes arising from this Article, inc luding a complaint filed under this Article, shall not be subject to the Grievance or Arbitration procedures of this Agreement.