K8-Unit – ART. 27: Protective Clothing & Equipment

ARTICLE 27. Protective Clothing & Equipment

A. Protective clothing is attire worn over or in place of personal cloth ing to protect the employee’s clothing from damage or abnormal soiling. Safety equipment protects the employee from exposure to hazardous working conditions.

B. The Department shall continue to provide the protective clothing and safety equipment which it currently makes available to the employees covered by this Agreement.

C. In cases where the Department requires the wearing of uniforms or protective clothing, the department will provide and maintain those uniforms and protective clothing. If the Department does not require uniforms to be worn, then each employee in the unit on July 1 shall receive $150 in July each year of this Agreement for clothing allowance.

D. If the Department requires employees covered by this Agreement to wear protective shoes, the Department shall either:

1. Reimburse an employee for the cost up to a maximum of $225 per year toward the actual purchase of protective shoes which are approved by the Department. If the Department reimburses an employee up to a maximum of $225 per year for protective shoes, he or she is required to wear them while working; or

2. Directly reimburse a designated vendor for protective shoes for an employee in an amount not to exceed $225. If the employee selects a protective shoe that exceeds $225, he or she will be responsible for paying the vendor the difference. If the Department directly reimburses a vendor for a protective shoe, an employee is required to wear them while working.

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