K8-Unit – ART. 32: Death Payments

ARTICLE 32. Death Payments

A. Upon the death of an eligible employee of the University, the University shall pay a sum equal to the deceased’s regular salary for one (1) month to the person or persons in the first of the following categories in which there is a survivor: legal spouse or domestic partner; child or children; parent or parents; or siblings. If there is no survivor in any of the foregoing categories, the benefit will be paid to the estate, or if there is no estate, to the beneficiary designated in the deceased’s University-paid life insurance policy. All monies due and payable to the employee at the time of death shall be paid to the employee’s surviving spouse or domestic partner and/or eligible dependent(s),  pursuant to the University Accounting Manual.

B. Eligible Employee

For the purpose of the death payment, an eligible employee is one who has completed six continuous months on Pay Status at fifty percent (50%) time or more without a break in service prior to death.

C. Employee Earnings

The Depart ment Head shall initiate the necessary action in order that payment of any vacation, salary, overtime, or other monies due to the deceased employee can be made. Such payment shall be made in accordance with the Accounting Manual section in effect at the time of the employee’s death. Payment shall include the deceased employee’s final salary, if any, up to and including the date of death.

E. When advised of an employee’s death, the department head shall immediately notify the Chancellor of the date, if known, as well as the cause of death.