K8-Unit – ART. 45: Training & Apprenticeships

ARTICLE 45. Training & Apprenticeships

A. Training and Development

1. General Conditions

a. The University may support an employee’s request to participate in a career-related or position-related development class or program by flexible scheduling, leave without pay, leave at full or part pay, full or part payment of fees and expenses, provided that:

1. the employee has completed his/her probationary period, and
2. the employee’s performance is satisfactory or better.

b. When the University requires attendance at an educational or training program, the University will pay the fees and related costs for materials, travel and per diem, and the employee’s attendance at the actual program shall be considered time worked. Education or training which is suggested or recommended, but not required, is not “required” within the meaning of this Article.

2. Release Time and Scheduling. An employee who has completed the probationary period who wishes to participate in a development class or program during work time shall request advance approval. Participation in educational or training programs during scheduled work hours must be approved by the University in advance. Such leaves must not interfere with staffing requirements.

B. Meet and Confer

Within 90 days following ratification of this Agreement, the parties agree to meet and confer on Training and/or Apprenticeship Programs at the University.

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