K8-Unit – ART. 6: Limited Appointment

ARTICLE 6. Limited Appointment

A. A limited appointment is established at any percentage of time, fixed or variable, during with the appointee is expected to be on pay status for less than one thousand (1,000) hours in a rolling twelve (12) month period.

B. In the event that a limited appointment employee attains 1,000 hours of qualifying service within a rolling 12 month period, without a break in service of at least 120 consecutive days, the incumbents appointment shall convert to career status.

1. Qualifying service includes all time on pay status in one or more limited appointments at the campus.

Qualifying time on pay status includes regular time worked, compensatory time off, sick leave, extended
sick leave, vacation, holidays, p a id jury du ty, ad ministra tive leave with pay, and military leave with pay.
Qualifying time on pay shall not include overtime, on-call, call back, and time in Casual/Restricted appointments. A casual/restricted position is reserved for a regular student of the University of California regardless of the percent of full-time or the duration of the appointment. A student is defined for these purposes as being enrolled and having paid their fees.

2. Such career conversion shall be effective the first day of the month following attainment of 1,000 hours of qualifying service.

3. Any break in service of 120 days or longer shall result in a new 12-month pe riod for purposes of calculating the 1000 hour requirement .

C. Employees in limited appointments may have their appointment terminated or have their time reduced at the sole discretion of the University and without recourse to the grievance and arbitration procedures of this Agreement. Disputes arising from this A rticle may be reviewed under the Complaint Procedure of this Agreement.

D. An employee who is appointed to a limited appointment will be automatic ally terminated as of the last day of the appointment unless there is an earlier separation or a formal extension of the appointment.

E. Rehired Retirees working in limited appointment positions will be eligible to elect to waive future retirement accruals to the same extent that other rehired retirees in staff positions are eligible.

F. Employees are eligible for University benefits and membership in the Univers ity’ s retirement plan in accordance with the plan’s eligibility requirements as described in the plan documents/contracts , applicable regulations and policy announc ements and pursuant to Article 44 (Health & Welfare & Retirement Benefits).