K9 Unit – ART. 1: Recognition


This Agreement, effective November 23, 2021, is entered into by and between The Regents of the University of California, a corporation, referred to hereinafter as the “University” and Teamsters, Local 2010 referred to as the ‘Union.”

The University recognizes Teamsters, Local 2010 (“Teamsters”), which was certified by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) on October 30, 2017, as the exclusive bargaining agent for matters within the scope of representation for employees at UCI in the following classifications, excluding those classifications and/or employees designated as managerial, supervisory, and confidential (as defined in HEERA). The term “employee” as used in this Agreement shall refer to employees mentioned above as being within the bargaining unit covered by this Agreement.

Job Title
Asst. Supervisor – Carpenter
Asst. Supervisor – Electrician
Asst. Supervisor – Fire and Security Systems
Asst. Supervisor – HVAC Mechanic
Asst. Supervisor – Irrigation Mechanic
Asst. Supervisor – Locksmith
Asst. Supervisor – Maintenance Mechanic
Asst. Supervisor – Mason
Asst. Supervisor – Painter
Asst. Supervisor – Plumber
Asst. Supervisor – Sheet metal Worker
Asst. Supervisor – Sign maker
Asst. Supervisor – Steam Op. Engr.
Lead Building Automation Technician
Lead Carpenter
Lead Co-generation Operator
Lead Electrician
Lead High Voltage Electrician
Lead HVAC Mechanic
Lead Irrigation Mechanic
Lead Locksmith
Lead Maintenance Mechanic
Lead Mason
Lead Painter
Lead Plumber
Lead Roofer
Lead Sheet Metal Worker
Lead Sign Maker
Lead Steam Operating Engineer
Lead System Operator
Building Automation Controls Technician
Co-generation Instrument and Control Technician
Co-generation Operator

Fire and Security Systems Technician
Fire Sprinkler Technician
HVAC Mechanic
High Voltage Electrician
Irrigation Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic
Physical Plant Specialist
Sheet Metal Worker
Sign Maker
Stationary Engineer Instrument and Controls Technician
Steam Operating Engineer
System Operator

A. Designation by craft titles shall be for identification purposes only, and as such will not serve to establish jurisdictional work boundaries. Current practices of job overlap between the crafts shall be continued, and craft job descriptions, job assignments, and overall job responsibilities will not be affected by this Article.

B. The term “employee” as used in this Agreement shall refer to any probationary, career, or limited employees of UCI in the above-mentioned unit except for those excluded pursuant to Section A above.

C. Pursuant to PERB Rules and Regulations for unit modification, certain classifications may be added to the above described UCI Skilled Crafts Unit by mutual agreement of the parties. The University and Teamsters Local 2010 will meet and confer, within sixty (60) calendar days of the request of either party, regarding proposed new classifications to be added to the bargaining unit. Teamsters Local 2010 shall submit a written request to meet and confer regarding the proposed new classification and provide any data in support of the request to UCI.