K9 Unit – ART. 22: Unit Work


A. The University and the Union agree that bargaining unit work will be performed by bargaining unit employees and that Supervisors and non-unit employees will not normally perform work of unit employees.

B. Supervisors will not work scheduled overtime unless (1) qualified unit members decline the overtime, (2) qualified unit members are otherwise unavailable for the overtime, or (3) unit members are not qualified to do the work.

C. However, management reserves the right to assign supervisors to perform unit work to meet the emergency needs of the University that require immediate action to protect property, equipment, life, safety and health, including affected research as well as under exceptional circumstances in order to meet the operational needs of the University. The University will provide written justification to the Union within fourteen (14) days of the assigned work being done by non-unit members, when requested in writing.

D. Non-unit employees may be assigned unit work only to meet the emergency needs of the University.