K9 Unit – ART. 25: Safety


A. It is the duty of the University to make a reasonable effort to provide and maintain a safe place of employment. The Union will cooperate by encouraging all employees covered by this Agreement to perform their work in a safe manner. It is the duty of all employees covered by this Agreement, in the course of performing their assigned duties, to be alert to unsafe practices, equipment, and conditions, to follow the safety regulations and requirements of the University, and to report any unsafe practices or conditions to their immediate supervisors. An employee shall not be required to perform work which he/she reasonably believes is unsafe, until the safety concern of the employee has been reviewed by the designated University safety official. Management shall contact the designated University safety official, and the employee may be reassigned to perform other work. If the work in question is determined to be safe by the designated University safety official, the employee may be ordered to perform the work. If the safety matter is not resolved satisfactorily, the Union may consult with the representative from Environmental Health and Safety, who shall investigate the safety matter and advise the Department and the Union of any findings or recommendations.

B. The University and the Union agree that safety is a shared responsibility and that employees and supervisors should openly discuss in a professional manner all safety-related issues and make all necessary changes to procedures or operations before a problem occurs. Employees should bring safety problems to a supervisor’s attention.  It is expected that employees understand the need for safety equipment and protective clothing, the necessity of training before undergoing hazardous procedures, and the importance of discussing workplace hazards before the fact and planning to mitigate them.

Bargaining unit members will:

    1. Receive appropriate hazardous materials training.
    2. Follow the Facilities Management guidelines on Safety Shoes in Article 27.
    3. Facilities Management employees will attend on-going safety meetings where safety matters and concerns are discussed. Employees will be encouraged to participate in discussions, request needed training, use safe practices and protective gear and bring safety concerns to their supervisor’s attention.

C. Disputes concerning this Article may only be reviewed through Step 2 of the grievance procedure.

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