K9 Unit – ART. 27: Protective Clothing and Safety Equipment


A. Protective Clothing

The University will determine what protective clothing will be provided and will make such clothing available to employees on request.

B. Safety Equipment

Safety equipment, when required by the University, shall be used by employees. The University will provide safety equipment it requires, except that the University will reimburse employees who are required to wear safety shoes, one-hundred percent (100%) of the cost of a pair of shoes, and/or multiple pairs of shoes, up to a combined maximum of two hundred and twenty five dollars ($225.00) per year. Employees who are not required by the University to wear safety shoes, shall be permitted to purchase multiple pairs of shoes which are appropriate footwear for their trade and shall be reimbursed up to a combined maximum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per year.

C. Prescription Glasses

An employee required to wear prescription glasses will pay for the medical eye examination. The University will supply one set of safety lenses and frames each year to each employee required to wear prescription glasses within departmental guidelines.

D. Uniforms

Uniforms are attire which are required by the University to be worn in the performance of assigned duties. Employees shall wear uniforms as provided by the University and will maintain a professional appearance in public settings.

Employee input will be considered when selecting uniform options.