K9 Unit – ART. 32: Death Payments


Upon the death of an employee who has been on pay status at least fifty (50) percent of time at least six (6) continuous months without a break in service prior to death a sum equal to the deceased’s regular salary for one month shall be paid to the deceased’s spouse, or if there is no spouse, to the deceased’s eligible dependent (s), or if there is neither a surviving spouse nor eligible dependent(s), to the beneficiary designated in the deceased’s University-paid life insurance policy. For the purpose of the death payment, an eligible dependent(s) is one receiving the majority of support from the deceased employee in accord with Internal Revenue Service standards. Any vacation, salary, overtime, or other payments due and payable to the employee at the time of death shall be paid to the surviving spouse, or eligible dependent(s), or estate. This includes the deceased employee’s salary for the day of death, unless the employee was on leave without pay on the day of death.


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