K9 Unit – ART. 42: Personnel Files


A. General Provisions

    1. Personnel files may be located in an employee’s employing department. It is understood that there shall only be one (1) official personnel file for each employee. If the University relocates the employee’s official personnel file, the UCI Chief Steward of SETCU will be notified.
    2. Information in the Files – An employee’s personnel file shall contain information pertaining, but not limited to such items as employment applications, tests, references, job specifications; honors and awards, performance evaluations, discipline, attendance, letters of recommendation and other relevant and necessary information specified by the University.  
    3. Upon request, an employee and/or his/her representative shall be able to review his/her personnel file within a reasonable period of time in the presence of a representative of the University.

B. Request for Inspection

Where the University determines that operational requirements permit, an employee shall be granted a reasonable amount of time in without-loss-of-straight-time pay status to review his/her personnel files(s). When granting such requests, the University shall take into account the frequency of such requests and the amount of time the employee is or will be engaged in such activity. Alternatively, an individual may provide the University with a written authorization allowing a designated SETC representative to receive a copy of the employee’s personnel files(s) or identified portions thereof. Such written authorization shall be valid for a period of twenty (20) calendar days from the date thereof.

C. Grievance Files

Records involving the procession of an employee’s grievance such as the grievance form, step appeals and responses, and settlement documents will be kept in a file separate from the employee’s personnel file.

D. Protections from Disclosure

Records protected by recognized legal privilege and records exempted from disclosure by law may be withheld from the employee and/or the employee’s representative. Neither an employee nor his/her representative shall be entitled to review confidential pre-employment information.

E. Fees

Fees may be charged for making copies of personnel file information or extracts thereof, however, there shall be no charge for the first copy of the individual employee’s own records. When they are requested, copies will be provided within a reasonable period of time.


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