K9 Unit – ART. 6: Limited Appointments


A. A limited appointment is an appointment established at any percentage of time, fixed or variable, which is not expected to continue for more than one thousand (1000) hours in a twelve (12) month period.

B. An individual appointed to a limited appointment shall convert to a career appointment when he/she has attained one thousand (1000) hours of qualifying service within a twelve (12) month period, without a break in service of at least one hundred twenty (120) consecutive calendar days.  Qualifying service includes regular straight time hours worked in one or more limited appointments at the University. However, any break in service of one hundred twenty (120) consecutive calendar days or longer shall result in a new twelve (12) month period for purposes of calculating the one thousand (1000) hour requirement for conversion to a career appointment.  Such career designation shall be effective on the first day of the month following attainment of one thousand (1000) hours of qualifying service.

C. Employees in limited appointments may be released or have their time reduced at the sole discretion of the University.  A dispute arising from this Article may only be reviewed through Step 2 of the grievance procedure. An employee in a limited appointment shall be automatically released as of the last day of the appointment unless there is an earlier separation or a formal extension of the appointment.

D. Limited employees shall not normally be hired instead of career employees.