K9 Unit – ART. 9: Performance Evaluation


A. The performance evaluation is a constructive process to recognize the contributions of each individual employee.  A performance evaluation is not, in and of itself, a disciplinary process.

B. The performance of each non-probationary employee shall be evaluated in writing at least annually, in accordance with a process established by the University.

C. If there is no evaluation on record within one year prior to a scheduled wage increase, the employee’s overall evaluation shall be “Meets Expectations/Competent” (or equivalent terminology) or last year’s evaluation, whichever rating is higher.

D. If an employee does not receive an evaluation of performance and it has been at least a year since the last performance evaluation, he/she may request that an evaluation be done.  Upon such written request, a performance evaluation shall be provided within thirty (30) calendar days.

E. An employee shall have the right to provide a written rebuttal to his/her performance evaluation and to have that rebuttal attached to the performance evaluation.  Both documents shall be placed in the employee’s personnelfile. An employee shall receive a copy of the signed performance evaluation, including the employee’s rebuttal.

F. Disputes arising from this Article shall not be subject to Article 23, Grievance Procedure.