KM Unit – APP. E: Safety Glasses Procedure



Safety Glasses Procedure


C&J Optical

731 East Yosemite Ave., Suite F

Merced, CA 95340


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Lens price may be augmented based on prescription requirements (UC will cover)

Extra coat poly-carbonate is $25 (employee’s option and expense)

Upgraded frames to $90 (employee’s option and expense past $60)

Transition Lens (Single) $60 – (employee’s option and expense)

Transition Lens (Bi or Tri-focal) $80 – (employee’s option and expense)

They do not have any samples for us to take out.

Employees would go to vendor, pick out frame & give prescription.

Frames selected must meet ANSI Standard Z87.1 (most recent version)

Vendor will fax UC a quote & we will fax back a PO #.

Vendor will contact employee when glasses are ready for pickup.

Employees are responsible for handling this business on their time

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