KM Unit – APP. F: Safety Shoe Process/Notification



In accordance with Article #30 of the TEAMSTERS LOCAL 2010-Merced  Skilled CraftsAgreement, UC MERCED will annually furnish up to $200 towards  the purchase of safety shoes to all employees in the bargaining unit. To meet IRS  regulations pertaining to allowable reimbursement of uniform expenses, the  following criteria must be met: 

  • Safety shoes must satisfy safety requirements according to CAL OSHA  Standards.

  • Safety shoes must comply with American Society of Testing and  Materials (ASTM) Standard ASTM F2412-11, and ASTM F2413-11  (most recent versions)

  • The footwear must provide metatarsal protection, either steel or  composite toe construction.  
  • Safety shoes must be used solely for work.

  • Employees will be reimbursed up to $200 per year with the  documentation required as follows: 

o Employee mustsubstantiate the purchase with an originalreceipt. 

o Claims for reimbursement must be made within a reasonable amount of time from purchase date. A reasonable amount of time will be  defined as no later than 21 days from original purchase date 

I certify that: 1.) the expenses claimed were incurred by me; 2.) to the best of  my knowledge the shoes I purchased qualify for reimbursement under the above  statement; and 3.) I am authorized to receive this reimbursement as a current  Teamsters Local 2010 – KM Unit member making a claim for the first time this  contract year.