KM Unit – APP. K: Maintenance Mechanic Class Concept, Discussed During Negotiations


Maintenance Mechanic Class Concept, discussed during Negotiations 

During negotiations, the parties discussed the attached class concept. Its  inclusion in this Appendix is without prejudice to either party’s  interpretation ofArticle 1 andArticle 40. 

MaintenanceMechanic Class Concept 

Under the general supervision, the Maintenance Mechanic serves as  primary responderto maintenance issuesfor buildingslocated on campus. 

Maintenance Mechanic performs a variety of semi- skilled tasks in the  maintenance, alteration and repair of utilities, buildings and related  facilities and equipment. 

Incumbents maintain mechanical and electrical equipment and facilities  including minor repairs of the following: Replacing electrical outlets,  light switches, light fixtures, ballasts and light bulbs; including plumbing and pipe fitting; HVAC and filtration systems and equipment:- exhaust  and supply fans and evaporation coolers; replacing fan belts, filters, bearings and shafts; repair ,restore and maintain structures, woodwork, doors, windows, counters and cabinets, performing concrete work,  construct concrete forms for walks and foundations; repair and replace  windows ,blinds and screens, repair ceilings, sub-floors ceramic and vinyl  tile, plastered walls, sheet rock paneling, roofs, and perform caulking of  buildings;-stage equipment, basketball lift arms and cables; service,  maintenance, and repair of kitchen equipment and appliances; operation of heavy equipment within UC requirements; and instruct and/or lead unskilled assistants. 

The incumbent will work closely with the Building Manager to develop a  complete understanding of buildings and theirsystems. 

The incumbent should possess the skills necessary to independently  analyze problems in order to identify the proper questions, determine and  obtain the necessary information, organize and analyze the information,  from conclusions, and present conclusions/proposals verbally or in  writing asrequested. 

This position has regular and continuous interaction with all levels of  students, vendors, and staff at varying levels in the course of performing  maintenance work. 

The incumbent has responsibility for their own work quality and timely  delivery of maintenance services. The incumbent is required to prioritize assigned daily work as well as identify and investigate maintenance  problemsin timelymanner. 

The incumbent must complete proper repairs using correct materials  displaying a high level of workmanship while following safe work  practices. 

If unable to complete the repair, refer skilled trade level work to  supervisor. Incumbent must be able to describe building maintenance  issues to their immediate supervisor or Facilities Management trades staff  in orderto appropriately referrepairs/maintenance work. 

40% General Repair&Maintenance 


  1. Troubleshoots and prioritize work order requests. Repair requests  may be a variety ofsemi-skilled areas. 
  2. Advises supervisor of requests needing services if task is of a skilled  nature.
  3. Performs maintenance inspections as assigned by supervisor. 4. Meets with supervisor to discuss maintenance issues on an as needed basis.

  4. Responsible for maintenance, upkeep of building’s exterior i.e. roof, gutters, windows, screens, doors, stairs and landing areas. 6. Assists skilled trades as assigned by supervisor.

  5. Responsible for security of keys, assigned equipment, and buildings as directed.

  6. Operate and maintain a variety of power and hand tools of various trades.

  7. Performs general maintenance on electrical cart vehicles.

  8. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor. 


Electrical & Appliance Repair Duties 

  1. Troubleshoot/Inspect electrical systems.

  2. Repair or replace fuses, electrical outlets, light switches, light fixtures, ballasts, fans, fan motors, reset breakers, garbage disposals, make minor wiring repairs, etc.
  1. Replace light bulbs in interior and exterior of buildings and inspects and sets time clocks when needed.

  2. Performs minor repairs on stoves and ovens, refrigerators, (i.e. replacement of thermostats, timers, and motors) and vacuums. 5. Advises Supervisor of electrical and appliance repair problems of a major nature. 


Plumbing Repair Duties 

  1. Reads and interprets blueprints and plans to avoid obstructions, inspect/troubleshoot plumbing system and determine the sequence of installation.

  2. Cuts wall and floor opening to accommodate pipes and fittings. 3. Measures and installs pipe, fittings, and fixtures for heaters, fans, water and drainage systems.

  3. Cuts and threads pipe, assembles and installs valves and fittings; and joins and caulks pipe.

  4. Replaces washers, mends pipes and opens drains with use of electric or hand auger, plunger, or industrial liquid drain opener. 6. Repair, replace sinks, faucets, showers, mixing valves, toilet fixtures and urinals.

  5. Advises supervisor of any stoppages or leaks on main sewer, storm or water lines. 


Carpentry & Painting Repair Duties 

  1. Reads and interprets blueprints, sketches, plans and schematics. 2. Cuts and installs windows, doors, door jambs, door closures. Installs and replaces door knobs, locks, latches and hinges. 3. Builds, installs and repairs walls, partitions, ceilings, sheet rock, ceiling tile, molding and trim, paneling, cabinets, shelves, furniture and similar items.

  2. Prepares surfaces for application of paint materials by masking, sanding, patch and repair damages as necessary, texture, priming and touch-up/repaint surfaces. Paint and or match existing paint using brushes, rollers and spray cans.

  3. Repaints or fabricates route signs.

  4. Stains and finishes wood where needed.

  5. Assists with overseeing work of student restricted/casual painters/laborers. 

5% Mechanical 


  1. Diagnoses problems; adjusts cleans, repairs and replaces defective or worn components parts of steam cleaning equipment, bus washers, fuel islands pumps, compressors, heating and air conditioning equipment and hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  2. Minor repairs and replaces pumps, motors, blower shafts, belts, coils and control valves or their parts.

  3. Maintains and equipment and machinery preventative maintenance schedule. 


Property Maintenance 

  1. Installs, repairs and maintains fencing.

  2. Patches concrete and asphalt paving, patches asphalt roofs and repairs or replaces pit boards and gratings in garages.

  3. Inspects and repairs roofs, rain gutters, stucco walls, stairs and landing areas,

  4. Cleans and maintains shop areas in neat and orderly condition. 



Administrative Functions and Record Keeping 

  1. Uses a computer terminal for data entry, inquiries and modification. 2. Submits, completes and closes work requests/orders using computerized maintenance management system.

  2. As directed purchase, stock and inventory supplies.

  3. Work in safe and responsible manner not putting self or others at risk, includes complying with applicable policies and regulations, using personal safety gear, learning about potential hazards, and reporting unsafe conditions.
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