KM Unit – ART. 11: Promotion and Transfer


A. Definitions 

  1. A “transfer” is the change of an employee from one position to  another which is in a classification having the same salary.                                                                                                                                             
  2. A “promotion” is the change of an employee from one position  to another position which is in a classification having a higher  salary.                                                                                                                    
  3. A position “vacancy” exists when the University determines that  there is an open, active position for which recruitment is to be  undertaken. 

B. Recruitment and Posting 

Whenever it is determined by the University that a vacancy or new  career position is to be filled, a job posting, which includes the  requirements for the position, shall be posted on the University  electronic website at and union bulletin boards  for a minimum of two weeks unless otherwise agreed to by the  parties. Any eligible bargaining unit employee may, before the  closing date stated in a notice, apply for a vacant position. 

C. Selection 

The University shall have responsibility for the selection of an  individual to fill a vacant position. To assist in making such  selections, the University may, from time to time, seek the input of  bargaining unit employees from the trade being recruited or  bargaining unit employees who participate on Interview Panels, if  any. Employees desiring to compete and be considered for  promotional, transfer, or career opportunities must meet the  qualifications for the position. The candidate determined by  management to be the best qualified for the vacant position shall be  selected. In those cases where candidate qualifications are essentially  equal and affirmative action goals have been met, special  consideration will be given to bargaining unit applicants to allow for  promotional, transfer, or career opportunities. Lateral transfers under  this Article shall not result in a reduction in base rate of pay. 

D. Transfers 

Any eligible employee seeking a transfer to a posted position must  apply for the position in accordance with Section B, Recruitment and  Posting. The University will select the most qualified individual in  accordance with Section C, Selection. 

E. Promotion 

Any bargaining unit employee must be employed in their current  classification for at least six (6) months of qualifying service before  being eligible for consideration for promotion within the bargaining  unit. 

Employees desiring to compete for promotional opportunities shall  meet the minimum qualifications for the position or classification in  which they are interested. The applicant(s) (internal or external)  determined to be best qualified for open position(s) will be selected  for those positions.

F. Inter-campus Transfers 

Bargaining unit employees who transfer to another UC campus are  deemed to be continuing their employment with the University of  California. Upon request from a transferring employee or another UC  campus, UC Merced and/or the UC PATH Center will provide  assistance with the transfer of accrued vacation, sick leave and  UCRP benefits if applicable, in accordance with University policies.

G. Interviews 

Employees who are scheduled for a job interview for positions at UC  Merced shall be granted reasonable time off with pay as determined  by the University, if the interview has been scheduled during the  employee’s scheduled work time.

H. Disputes 

Disputes arising from this Article may only be reviewed through the Grievance Procedure, Article 26, of this Agreement.