KM Unit – ART. 23: Resignation and Job Abandonment


A. Resignation 

Employees who voluntarily separate from employment are, by  definition, considered to have resigned their employment with the  University. An employee who retires or otherwise voluntarily  separates from a position with the University shall be required to  submit a letter of resignation as notice of termination at least 

15 calendar days prior to the effective date of such  resignation/termination. 

  1. The final paycheck (including earnings to date, overtime,  compensatory time and vacation hours) shall be paid to the  employee (in the form of a check) at the employee’s work  location on the day of separation when:

  2. an employee is discharged;

  3. an employee has a predetermined ending date; or

  4. an employee has given at least 72 hours’ notice of intention  to quit

  5. When an employee does not give 72-hour notice of intention to  quit, the University shall make the final paycheck available  within 72 hours. Upon the employee’s request, the final  paycheck may be mailed to an address designated by the  employee. If the date of pay falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or  weekday holiday, actual payment may be made on the next  business day. Monday through Friday will be considered  business days (including Medical Centers and other 24/7  operations). 

Failure to report to work without having submitted a written  notice of resignation/termination shall be treated as an  abandonment by the employee of their position with the  University. 

B. Job Abandonment 

The University may treat unexcused failure to report to work for five  (5) consecutive scheduled workdays as an employee’s abandonment  of, and resignation from, their University position. 

  1. In the case of such job abandonment/resignation, the University  shall provide the employee with written notification of its intent  to separate them. This notification shall include the reasons for  the separation, the employee’s right to respond to the University  within fourteen (14) calendar days, and a Proof of Service. The  notification shall be sent to the employee’s last known mailing  address by certified mail.

  2. At the option of the employee, their response may be written or  may be a meeting with a designated University official who has  the authority to effectively recommend reinstatement of the  employee.

  3. Following the employee’s timely response, or if no response was  provided within the fourteen (14) calendar days, the designated  University official shall issue a final decision.

  4. The University’s final decision, following completion of the  requirements in §B.1-3 above, is not subject to the grievance  and/or arbitration provisions of this Agreement.

  5. The University shall notify the employee in writing at the employee’s  last known mailing address of all actions taken under the provisions  of this Article.