KM Unit – ART. 30: Health and Safety


A. Safety 

  1. It is the duty of the University to make a reasonable effort to  provide and maintain a safe place of employment. The Union  will cooperate by encouraging all employees covered by this  Agreement to perform their work in a safe manner, including but  not limited to complying with UC MERCED’s Injury and Illness  Prevention Programs.

  2. It is the duty of all employees covered by this Agreement, in the  course of performing their assigned duties, to be alert to unsafe  practices, equipment, and conditions, and to follow the safety  regulations and requirements of the University, and to report any  unsafe practices or hazardous conditions to their immediate  supervisors. Employees who believe they have been subjected  to reprisal for making such reports may make complaints  pursuant to the University’s Whistleblower Policy.

  3. An employee shall not be required to perform work which they reasonably believe is unsafe, until the safety concern of the  employee has been reviewed by Environmental, Health and  Safety or designee. Management shall contact Environmental,  Health and Safety or designee, and the employee may be  reassigned to perform other work. If the work in question is  determined to be safe by the Director of Environmental, Health  and Safety or designee, the employee may be ordered to perform the work. If the safety matter is not resolved satisfactorily, the  Union may consult with the Campus Labor Relations Director  or designee, who shall investigate the safety matter and advise  the Department and the Union of any findings or  recommendations.

B. Protective Clothing and Equipment 

  1. The University may require unit employees to wear protective  clothing.

  2. Protective clothing is attire worn over or in place of personal clothing to protect the employee’s clothing from damage or  abnormal soiling. Safety equipment protects the employee from  exposure to hazardous working conditions. The University shall  continue to provide clothing and safety equipment which it  currently makes available to the employees covered by this  Agreement. If protective clothing (e.g. overalls, coveralls,  painter’s whites) is required on a continuing basis, the University  shall provide and maintain such clothing. Each employee who  requires prescription/corrective lenses and is in a classification  which requires the use of safety lenses shall receive one pair of  prescription/corrective lenses per fiscal year.

  3. UC MERCED will annually (July of each year) furnish up to  two hundred dollars ($200) towards the purchase of safety shoes  to all employees in the bargaining unit. Employees shall provide  receipts to their supervisor for reimbursement. While on pay  status, employees shall be required to wear the safety shoes  unless otherwise directed by the University.

  4. Purchasing Processes for prescription/corrective safety glasses  and safety shoes shall be in accordance with Appendices E and  F. 

C. Safety Training 

  1. The University will provide safety, health and environmental  training consistent with the compliance requirements set forth in  local, state, and federal regulations.

  2. The University will provide appropriate safety training to  bargaining unit employees including CPR and NFPA 70E  training to employees. In addition, the University will provide  hepatitis shots when employees request them.

  3. The University and the Union agree that bargaining unit  employees are required to carry out their job duties without  endangering their own health or safety or that of other  employees. The University and the Union further agree that no  employee may manufacture, distribute, dispense, sell, use or be  under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while performing  their job duties. 


D. Disputes 

Disputes concerning this Article shall not be subject to the 

Arbitration Procedure of this Agreement