KM Unit – ART. 31: Miscellaneous Provisions


A. Absences 

If an employee fails to notify the University of their absence, such an  absence will be deemed to be unauthorized. 

Employees shall contact their immediate supervisor regarding  absences. Notices will be posted in each shop regarding reporting  procedures. 

Unexcused failure to report to work for five (5) consecutive  workdays may be treated as an employee’s abandonment of, and  from, their University position as per Article 23. 

B. Lie Detector (Polygraph) Tests 

No employee shall be required as a condition of continuing  employment to take a lie detector test. 

C. Licenses and Certificates of Competence 

  1. The University, as a condition of employment, shall continue to  require such licenses and certificates of competence for given  position(s) as per current practice. Proof of valid licensure  and/or certification must be given to the University for retention  in the employee’s personnel file. Any employee who fails to  maintain required licensure and certification may be subject to  discipline, up to and including termination.

  2. If, during the term of this Agreement, a new governmental  requirement for licensure and/or certification is established that  changes the terms and conditions of employment for bargaining  unit employees, the parties shall meet and confer concerning the  effects of the new requirement.

  3. Bargaining unit employees are required to maintain a valid  California Driver’s License. The University shall provide a  reasonable number of trucks, carts and/or vehicles to bargaining  unit employees when necessary to perform their assigned duties.  The University may supplement vehicles with hand carts, and/or  golf carts as deemed by University. Subject to make  purchase/lease of vehicles upon budget allowance.

  4. If a bargaining unit employee receives notice of the suspension  or revocation of their California Driver’s License, said employee  shall immediately report the same to their immediate supervisor.  An employee’s failure to report either the notice of or actual  revocation or suspension of said license, may lead to discipline,  up to and including termination. Where necessary, the  University shall reassign said employee’s job duties; however,  said reassignment shall not exceed thirty (30) days unless the  University and the Union agree to a greater period of extension,  which said agreement shall be reduced to writing.

  5. If maintaining a valid California driver’s license is an essential  function of the position, the employee will still be expected to  perform all functions of the position without the use of a  University vehicle. 

D. Mileage Reimbursement 

Whenever an employee is authorized by the University to use a  private vehicle to conduct University business, the employee shall be  reimbursed for mileage at the prevailing University rate.