KM Unit – ART. 33: Insurance and Retirement Benefits


Employees in this unit are eligible to participate in a number of benefit programs generally available to non-management, non-supervisory, non-confidential, nonacademic employees of the University who are not exclusively represented. The current benefits for each plan are briefly summarized in Appendix D. However, the Union understands and agrees that the descriptions below do not purport to recite completely the coverage or eligibility requirements for each plan, the details of the most current benefit program information can be found at

If during the term of this Agreement the University chooses to alter the coverage, rate of contribution, or carrier of these plans as they apply to other staff employees described above, the Union will be notified of any such proposed change(s) before they are implemented. Upon the Union’s request, the University will meet and discuss on the proposed change(s).

A. 2016 Tier

The parties agree to meet and discuss alternatives to the currently proposed UCRP 2016 TIER. In the event the parties do not achieve agreement by March 1, 2016 the 2016 TIER, retiree health eligibility, and employee UCRP contributions approved by THE REGENTS and as applied to non-represented staff employees will apply to all employees hired, rehired following a break in service, or who become UCRP eligible on or after July 1, 2016.

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