KM Unit – ART. 33: Insurance and Retirement Benefits


A. General Conditions 

Employees in this unit are eligible to participate in a number of  benefit programs generally available to non-management, non supervisory, non-confidential, nonacademic employees of the  University who are not exclusively represented. The current benefits  for each plan are briefly summarized in Appendix D. However, the  Union understands and agrees that the descriptions below do not  purport to recite completely the coverage or eligibility requirements  for each plan, the details of the most current benefit program  information can be found at 

B. Health Benefits 

If during the term of this Agreement the University chooses to alter  the coverage, rate of contribution, or carrier of these plans as they  apply to other staff employees described above, the Union will be  notified of any such proposed change(s) before they are  implemented. Upon the Union’s request, the University will meet and  discuss on the proposed change(s). 

Beginning fiscal year 2020, and ending June 30th, 2023 increases in  employee contribution rates for the Kaiser, and UC Blue and Gold  HMO health plans, for employees in salary tier 1 & 2 shall not exceed  $25 dollars per month. This is a non- precedent setting agreement  that shall not be used by Teamsters Local 2010 in any other  negotiations. 

C. Retirement Benefits 

  1. The University maintains several retirement and savings plan for  eligible University employees. Currently, such plans include the  UC Retirement Plan (UCRP), TAX-deferred 403(b) Plan,  Defined Contribution Plan (DC Plan), and 457(b) Deferred  Compensation Plan, which collectively constitute the University  of California Retirement System (UCRS). Eligible Employees  may participate in a number of retirements plans generally  available to other eligible staff employees of the University.

  2. The University may, at its option, alter the existing UCRS plans  and establish new retirement and/or savings plans for the UCRS.  Such alterations include but are not limited to altering the  eligibility criteria; altering or deleting current benefits; changing  rate of employee contribution subject to b.2 (below); or  changing the carrier or administrator for established plans or  programs.

    1. In the event the University makes such alterations, the  changes will apply to employees eligible for retirement  benefits in the same manner as they apply to other eligible  non-represented staff employees of the University.
    2. The sole exception to section C.2, above, shall be:
      1. Any alterations proposed by the University which  affect only bargaining unit employees.
      2. Any proposed increases to the rate of employee contribution will be subject to meeting and conferring  with the Union.

D. Health & Welfare Benefits (formerly side letter page 86) 

  1. The University’s Office of the President and the Union agree to  meet no less than twice per calendar year to discuss changes, if  any, to the University’s health and welfare benefit programs.  Such meeting shall occur in advance of the University’s annual  open enrollment period and will be rotated between the three  Southern campuses. The parties may agree to hold these  meetings via conference call or webinar in lieu of an “in-person” meeting.

  2. In order to effectuate this meet and discuss process, the  University will provide written notice and any information  available at the time to Teamsters 2010 as soon as practicable  but in no event later than (60) days prior to the effective date of  proposed changes. Both parties agree to meet and discuss within  fifteen (15) calendar days of the written notice.

  3. The University shall provide up to (4) hours of paid release time  for up to for four (4) bargaining unit employees to participate in  the meeting described herein. If the meeting is held at another  location, which is not the home location of the bargaining unit  employee, up to four (4) additional hours may be granted for the  purpose of the travel.