KM Unit – ART. 35: Dues Deductions


A. Union Payroll Deduction 

  1. Union Payroll Deduction. Upon notice from Teamsters Local 2010 (“Union”) that an employee in the UC MERCED Skilled Crafts Bargaining Unit has authorized payroll deduction, the  University agrees to deduct 1.44% of an employee’s in-unit  retirement gross pay and remit that amount to Teamsters Local 


2010. The Union notification of union payroll deduction  authorization and/or stoppage is submitted by way of an Excel  Template (refer to Appendix L of this agreement). For timing of  Union notification and University administrative process, refer  to Section B below. 

  1. Union Payroll Deduction Remittance and Administrative  Fees. The University further agrees to remit monthly to the  Union al authorized union payroll deductions minus the  administrative fees. The cost of processing the manual check or  electronic transfer of remittance monies shall be ten dollars  ($10.00). In addition, the University will charge the Union seven  cents ($0.07) per employee for whom deductions are being  made, covering calculations and reporting administrative fees.

  2. Correction of Errors. 

If the University fails to make appropriate authorized  payroll deductions, the University shall correct the  deduction amounts by deducting the correct amount from  the employee’s next scheduled pay date following thirty  (30) calendar days from the Union notice of failure to take  appropriate union payroll deduction. 

If the University’s error resulted in deductions less than the  correct amount, the University shall make the additional  required deductions to make up the difference between the  actual and correct amounts in accordance with current  payroll policy regarding additional deductions. However,  additional deductions shall not exceed two times the normal  deduction amount in any given pay period. 

If the error results in payment of more than the correct  amount and the Union has received the funds, the Union  shall reimburse the employees accordingly. 

If the parties cannot agree on the amount of the appropriate  deduction only the Union may file a grievance. 

4. Changes to Dues Deductions Percentage Rate. If Teamsters  Local 2010 changes the deduction percentage rate to be  deducted from the employees’ pay, it shall notify the University  in writing forty-five (45) calendar days prior to the effective date  of the change. Changes to the dues percentage rate is allowable  once every twelve (12) months with no cost to the Union for  programming changes. If the Union decides to make the change  to the percentage rate more than once in a 12-month period, then  the Union shall pay for the system programming changes at the  same rates that apply to other employee organizations described  in the University Accounting Manual.

5. Political Contribution Program – DRIVE. Dues paying  members in the UC Merced Skilled Craft Bargaining Unit are  eligible to participate in the voluntary deduction for DRIVE, a  Teamsters Local 2010 political contribution program. This  deduction is an ongoing deduction and not a one-time deduction.  The Union will notify the University when a dues paying  member volunteers to participate in this program by including  them in the file referenced in Section B below. The authorization  for participation is between the Union and the member. The  University will refer members to the Union for questions  regarding this voluntary deduction.

6. Indemnification. The Union shall indemnify the University for  any claims made by any employee(s) in the UC Merced Skilled  Crafts Bargaining Unit for deductions made by the University in  reliance on the Union’s certification or on the Union’s  representation as to whether deductions for the Union were  properly canceled or changed. The University shall promptly  provide notice to the Union of any claim, demand, suit or other  action for which it is seeking indemnification.

7. Agency Shop Fee. The Parties agree to reopen this Article for  the purpose of bargaining over payroll deduction of Union dues  and fair share fees in the event there is a change in the law  regarding payroll deduction of Union dues and fair share fees. 

 B. Electronic Transmission of Deduction Information 

  1. Certification and Maintenance of Deduction Information.

    1. The Union will certify to the University to begin deductions  or to stop deductions. For bargaining unit members,  deductions shall be from in-unit earnings based on  retirement gross earnings.

  2. The Union will either deliver an electronic file in Excel  (.xls) format to UC Merced’s appropriate office or upload  files to the FTP website, in accordance with Section 2  below. The current process is to provide to UC Merced’s  appropriate office. The University shall provide to the  Union at least a thirty (30) calendar days’ notice in advance  of any administrative process changes in the delivery of the  electronic Excel file.
  3. Based on employees in this bargaining unit being paid bi weekly, the union payroll deductions file, noted in Section  B.1.b above, shall be transmitted to the University no later  than the Friday before the end of the pay period in order to  affect the next payroll with a pay begin date that falls after  the date the deduction certification is received from the  Union.
  4. The Union will solely maintain the deduction authorization,  signed by the employee from whose wages the deduction is  to be made. The Union shall not be required to provide a  copy of the member’s authorization to the University as the  arrangement is between the Union and the member.  Employees will be directed to the Union should there be any  questions from employees.
  5. If an employee is separated from the University or  transferred out of the UCM Skilled Craft Bargaining Unit,  union payroll deductions will be stopped.

  1. The Union list to be submitted in the format provided in Appendix L shall include the following: 
  1. Location / Business Unit Code – Insert Code 10 for UCM  Campus

  2. Location Name (Campus or Medical Center) – Insert UCM  Campus

  3. Bargaining Unit – Insert KM

  4. Employee Identification Number

  5. Employee Name (Last, First)

  6. Action Code (A=Add, C=Change*, OR S=Stop) – Change  is only applicable to changing DRIVE Amount

  7. Deduction Code (D=Dues , OR PA=Political Action/DRIVE)

  8. Indicate Ongoing Deduction Dollar Amount for Political Action
  1. Union Security 

Individual requests to cancel payroll deduction shall be directed to  Teamsters Local 2010. The authorization for payroll deduction shall  remain in full force and effect until Teamsters Local 2010 informs  the University payroll deductions are to be stopped. Such notice is to  be communicated as defined in Section B above.