KM Unit – ART. 38: Sub-Contracting


  1. When determining whether or not to subcontract bargaining unit  work, the University shall consider whether said work should be  performed by bargaining unit employees in-house. However, the  decision to subcontract work is the prerogative of the University and  management reserves the right to subcontract unit work, including  the right to continue subcontracting work which has been  subcontracted in the past. With the exception of said past  subcontracted work, the University will make reasonable efforts to  perform unit work in-house. 

When making any decision to contract out Bargaining Unit work,  management shall consider the following factors before contracting  out the work: 

  1. Costs

  2. Materials, tools, and equipment

  3. Supervision

  4. Time constraints

  5. Project priorities

Availability of qualified bargaining unit employees who have  the special skills and licensures to perform the project work on  overtime 

  1. Upon written request by the Union, twice per year, the University  shall provide to the Union and a designated steward a summary of  subcontracted work which is funded by the State of California  Operations and Maintenance of Plant budget. Subcontracted work is  that work which is less than $50,000 in total, or painting work which  is less than $25,000 in total.

  2. UC Merced and Teamsters 2010 agree it is not their intent to layoff  employees who are doing bargaining unit work. The University  agrees to notify the Union, at least thirty (30) calendar days in  advance, except in an emergency situation, of its intent to subcontract  any unit work which would result in the layoff of unit employees.  The parties shall meet and discuss in accordance with Article 28,  Layoff and Reduction in Time, Section C2.

  3. The University and the Union agree that subcontracting will be a  standing agenda item at labor-management meetings scheduled in  accordance with Article 36, Labor-Management Relations.