KM Unit – ART. 6: Probationary Period


A. All new career employees shall serve a probationary period of six (6) calendar months at fifty percent (50%) time or more without a break in service. Time on leave with or without pay is not qualifying service for the completion of the probationary period. Employees who are rehired following a break in service shall serve a new probationary period whether or not they previously completed a probationary period.

B. An employee who is required to serve a probationary period and who has worked in a limited appointment immediately preceding the career appointment, shall have up to 1,000 hours on pay status (the amount to be determined based on hours in pay status but exclusive of on-call and overtime hours), credited towards completion of the probationary period, provided that the credited time was served in the same position and with the same supervisor that the employee had immediately prior to the career appointment.

C. A Limited Appointment Employee hired or rehired into a career position of the same classification, in the same shop and under same supervisor, within thirty days of his/her break in service shall be credited with up to 1,000 hours on pay status on the same basis as provided for in paragraph B above.

D. Prior to the completion of a probationary period, the University shall make a good faith effort to evaluate the employee’s performance. However, a probationary employee may be released at the discretion of the University provided the employee is not being released in violation of Article 4, Nondiscrimination in Employment. Other than probationary releases alleged to be based on discriminatory grounds, disputes arising from this Article are not subject to the Grievance or Arbitration Procedure of this Agreement.

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