KM Unit – ART. 7: Performance Evaluation


A. The performance of each employee shall be evaluated periodically  for the purpose of assessing and evaluating an individual’s work  performance and for providing guidance and assistance relative to  the employee’s work performance, in accordance with a process  established by the University. If an employee does not receive an  evaluation of performance and it has been at least a year since the  last evaluation has been done, the employee shall be deemed to have  performed satisfactorily. A performance evaluation does not  constitute discipline nor corrective action. 

  1. The University shall provide the employee their performance  evaluation no less than annually and according to the same  schedule applicable to other employees in the department.

  2. An employee shall have the right to provide a written rebuttal with  the employee’s signature within thirty (30) calendar days to their  performance evaluation and to have that rebuttal attached to the  performance evaluation. The written rebuttal shall be provided to  the employee’s immediate supervisor. Both documents shall be  placed in the employee’s personnel file.

  3. An employee shall receive a copy of the signed performance  evaluation, including the employee’s rebuttal, if any.                                                                                                                                                          

B. If an employee does not receive an evaluation of performance and it  has been at least a year since their last evaluation was completed,  they may make a written request to their immediate supervisor that  an evaluation be done. Upon request, a performance evaluation shall  be provided no later than sixty (60) calendar days.

C. The University may counsel a bargaining unit employee concerning  their performance, including but not limited to attendance and related  performance issues. Such counseling shall not constitute discipline  or corrective action.

D. Disputes concerning alleged violations of Section B above shall be  subject to the Grievance and Arbitration Procedures of this  Agreement; however, all other disputes arising from this Article may  be reviewed under the Grievance Procedure only of this Agreement.