KM Unit – ART. 9: Apprentices


A. Apprentices 

  1. The University and the Union may jointly establish a State of  California certified apprenticeship program as needed, that will  involve coordinated work experience and vocational education.             
  2. Two bargaining unit members, not from same trade, will be  released for four (4) hours/month beginning with the ratification  of this agreement to share information and develop standards.  The University & Teamsters Local 2010 will develop written  apprentice standards for a UC Merced craft apprenticeship  program by the expiration of this agreement. The due date may  be extended by mutual agreement. Once the apprenticeship  standards are finalized, the apprentice standards shall be  attached to the agreement, as Appendix K. The apprenticeship  program will be implemented at the sole discretion of the  University based upon the availability of funding and resources.