KM Unit – Sideletter – Holiday Pay: Alternate Work Schedules

Side Letter-Holiday Pay: Alternate Work Schedules

A. An employee on an alternate full-time work schedule shall be entitled to the same number of holidays and the same number of paid holiday hours as are granted to regularly scheduled employees. An employee whose regular day off falls on a holiday observed by the University shall receive eight (8) hours holiday pay at his/her base rate, and shall have the option of electing either:

1. Alternate day off, and use compensatory time or vacation time to offset the difference between 8 hrs of holiday pay and the regular work shift; or

2. Alternate day off, and work additional hours to offset the 40-hour work week, e.g., work additional hours on a regular work shift; or

3. Work additional hours on the business day succeeding the holiday and take the remainder of the day off; or

4. Revert back to an eight (8) hour work shift for the week in which there will be a holiday.

B. The alternate day off shall be immediately preceding or succeeding a holiday.

C. Employees shall provide to their immediate supervisor a written selection every three (3) months. If the employee desires to make a change to their selection they shall provide advance written notice to their immediate supervisor. The written selection shall include the employee’s selection and identify the alternate day off, if applicable.

D. Notice provision stipulated inArticle 12, Hours of Work, Section C, Work Schedules: Shift Hours, Subsection 8, shall not apply to schedule changes as a result of aHoliday.

E. This side letter shall not apply to Central Plant staff (Plant Operators and Stationary Engineers).