Unit 6 – ART. 12: Evaluation



12.1        Employees shall be subject to periodic performance evaluations. Employee performance evaluations are for the purpose of evaluating individual employee performance and for providing guidance for performance development and improvements.

An employee and the appropriate administrator, upon the request of either, also may meet informally to discuss any concerns either may have regarding the employee’s performance. Such meetings are not considered performance evaluations and therefore are not subject to the provisions of this Article.

12.2        Evaluations should be a review of the employee’s performance, written by a non- bargaining unit evaluator, and based upon job-related criteria, including input from the employee and the employee’s bargaining unit Supervisor where appropriate.

12.3        Performance evaluations shall be in writing and shall be placed in the employee’s personnel file. The employee shall be provided with a copy of the official performance evaluation which is to be placed in his/her personnel file prior to such placement.

12.4        A permanent employee shall be evaluated at least annually.

12.5        A probationary employee shall be evaluated within two (2) weeks of having completed the sixth (6th) and eleventh (11th) month of theprobationary period.

12.6        A temporary employee shall be evaluated at least once every appointment period, but not less than once per year.

12.7        Evaluations shall be signed by the evaluator and the employee. The employee’s signature indicates that the employee has reviewed the evaluation with the evaluator, but does not necessarily indicate agreement with the content of the evaluation.

12.8        The employee shall be given up to five (5) work days to review the draft evaluation and provide input, if any, to the evaluator.

12.9        The evaluator shall consider the input provided pursuant to provision 12.8 above in preparing the final performance evaluation, and prior to placing it in the employee’s personnel file.

12.10      The employee shall be given the opportunity to discuss the evaluation in a meeting with the appropriate administrator. Such a meeting shall take place at a mutually acceptable time and location.

The performance evaluation of an individual with an overall performance rating of below satisfactory shall provide an explanation for the rating.

12.11      If an employee disagrees with the written performance evaluation, the employee may submit a rebuttal statement which shall be attached to the written performance evaluation and placed in the personnel file. The employee may also request a second meeting with a union representative present to further discuss the evaluation. Such a meeting shall take place at a mutually acceptable time and location.

12.12      An employee may request to discuss an evaluation with the evaluator’s supervisor. Such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.

12.13      The term “evaluator” as used in this Article refers to the non-bargaining unit person designated by the appropriate administrator to conduct the performance evaluation of an employee.

12.14      The content of performance evaluations shall not be subject to the provisions of Article 9, Grievance Procedure.